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The world's most extensive Firearms, Ammo and Air Guns reference guide!


NEW - Firearms Guide 5th Edition with over 4,850 gun schematics!


 "It runs remarkably fast...Intuitive and informative for all shooters" - NRA's Shooting Illustrated
"A comprehensive database.....an organized system for finding information" - NRA's American Rifleman
"A valuable resource for gunsmiths" - American Gunsmith
"An invaluable tool for professionals in the shooting trade" - Gun Trade World, UK
"The DVD is worth the price for the target images alone" - GunBlast.com
"The Firearms Guide is superior to anything else on the market" - ChuckHawks.com


Firearms Guide: 5th Edition is the world's most extensive firearms, ammunition and air guns reference guide & gun schematics library on DVD for Windows PC. It is a must have for anyone with an interest in firearms, air guns, ammunition, hunting and shooting, both for professionals and hobbyists. It is the ultimate tool to search, find, identify and research civilian and military guns - both antique, historic guns and modern hunting, sport and tactical guns. Our database of over 59,000 guns and ammo and over 4,850 gun schematics (exploded views or diagrams) with parts lists is so extensive, we couldn’t fit it in a book, so we put it on a double-layer DVD for your PC! Even though it is on DVD, Firearms Guide does not require any installation on the user’s computer, it starts automatically when inserted, so it’s not software but a gun reference guide readable on Windows computers. Firearms Guide does not require an internet connection so you can research all types of firearms and ammunition in the privacy of your home without the possibility of anyone tracking what you are researching.

Using the Firearms Guide: 5th Edition saves a lot of time and money for gun enthusiasts. Instead of buying several publications and surfing for hours on the internet from one manufacturer’s website to another, by searching the Firearms Guide’s database of over 59,000 antique and modern guns and ammo from 705 manufacturers from around the world with 14 search criteria, the user gets a search result literally in a second. The user can check out guns, compare them and their prices, check the ammo that they use, and start another search. Plus, guns are presented with exclusive high-resolution color pictures unavailable anywhere else.

  • EXAMPLE 1: If you search Firearms Guide: 5th Edition by using this search criteria: Pistol, 45 ACP, Made in USA, Polymer frame, Stainless slide finish, price range $500 - $1,000, your super fast and precise search result will be 21 pistols. Try to do that in Google.
  • EXAMPLE 2: If you type in the Google search bar: Rifle, Semiautomatic, 308 Winchester, Adjustable stock your search result will be 4,400 web sites. If you use the same search criteria in the Firearms Guide: 5th Edition, your super fast and precise search result will be 60 rifles.
  • EXAMPLE 3: If you type in the Google search bar: Pistol, 9mm Luger, Made in USA, Single action, your search result will be 53,500 web sites. If you use the same search criteria in the Firearms Guide: 5th Edition, your super fast and precise search result will be 206 pistols.




A must have for every enthusiast and professional with a true passion and interest in guns, ammo and air guns!

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